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  1. Hey there
    I’m really happy to see you still read our blog sometimes. I think you’re one of my first followers from four years ago. I’ve been very lazy when it comes to being interactive which is why I guesss I only get like four likea every post despite having 450 followers. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope you’re doing welll. We like Chiang Mai but it rains too much

    1. Hello Rob & Diane! Yeah, you were one of my early followers 4 yrs back and it’s been a long time since we chat. Yes, yes, I still do read your blog. 🙂 well, the same goes for Singapore.. It has been raining here in the afternoons lately… and I heard about the flood in Laos… and that it has now spread to Cambodia.. I know Chiang Mai is nearby too and I hope everything is alright there. Well, I guess if you have genuine followers, they won’t wait for you to like their post just to give you a like.. So I guess, the numbers of followers is just that-a number. Pretty disappointing but that the harsh world of cyber… 😆🤣

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