Fall and Winter Essentials: Lip Balm

Do you know that cold weather will cause your lips to be chapped and dry? Yes, it does. This is due to the thin skin on your lips which makes it sensitive than any part of your body. Have you ever experience in having difficulties when opening your mouth and realised that your lips stick together and when you force open your mouth even more, you can feel like the skin on your lips are being pulled apart and then you notice that there’s a crack and worst sometimes leads to bleeding?

And do you know that it’s important to put on your lip balm before the bad weather gets to it? Let’s read on!

A Little Info

More often, in cold temperature or weather, like fall and winter, the air which is colder will cause your lips to be chapped and dry since cold air reduce humidity. So the only way to protect your lips is to apply lip balms which coats your skin to seal in moisture and prevents harmful exposures which can get to your lips. These lip balms are different from a lipstick or lip gloss. It is waxy to protect the lips and colourless, which makes it great for men who worries about getting their lips into different shades. There are also those with slightly tinted colours but it is very light which makes it looks natural on your skin.


And it’s important to ensure that the lip balms you’ve picked is filled with ointment-based ingredients such as Vitamin E, shea butter or lanolin. Agents such as natural beeswax, dimethicone, squalane and aloe which is a skin protectant, may also be present to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Additives may also be added to add more scent or sensations such as menthol, eucalyptus, essential oils, etc. It’s really important to note that you should avoid this additives if you are trying to heal your already badly chapped lips. While it does gives you a tingly sensation, it may worsen the condition of your lips.

You can also get those with spf to extra protect your lips from the sun. But again, if your lips are very very dry and chapped, use the normal lip balm first to let your skin heal as spf ingredients may or may not worsen your already sensitive skin.

There are many lip balms out there even if you’re an all natural product kind of person or in other words, organic. You just have to look around and find one that suits your skin the most. Everyone is different. What may works for us may not work for you and vice versa. Some of it may be cheaper than what I’m sharing below and it’s totally ok as long as you find that it is working great on you.

Here’s what we use during our honeymoon winter trip.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm

I had planned to buy Kiehl’s Lip Balm at the airport before our departure as the price there is relatively cheaper compared to the ones sold in the stores outside of the Airport. 1 lip balm cost $12.20 but there was a 10% discount which is $2.44 and so we paid a total of $21.96 for 2 lip balms. We have chosen 1 normal and 1 mint lip balm.

Right after my purchase, I was excited to try it on. It’s my first time trying it. The 15ml tube is easy to apply. You may apply it directly to your clean lips or use your clean fingers. I applied it on Mr Hubby as well.


In my point of view, it is the only lip balms I’ve tried that do not feel very greasy and is not too thick on my lips. It is subtle and you just need to apply a layer which can last for almost a whole day if you don’t bite, chew or lick your lips.

Hubby and I glide this on everyday during our 2 weeks winter honeymoon in Turkey before going out and before getting to sleep and the hubs approves of it. Kiehl’s lip balm did its job to keep our lips hydrated and moisturized through out. I never had a day of chapped or dry lips. There was a day when hubby decide not to wear the lip balm and I let him off as I wanted him to know how dry his lips can get. And true enough, when we got back to the hotel after a long day exploring outside in the cold weather, his lips was chapped and dry. I quickly apply the normal lip balm on him before he goes to bed and since then, he’s learnt his lesson, and never forgot the lip balms. He even applied it on his own thereafter.

However, I notice that my lips looks darker after applying this lip balm. So as soon as I got back to Singapore, I stopped using it.

Love yourself. There’s a saying;

“While the eyes are the windows to the soul, lips are the key to your personality. ”

I find it true. Because someone who cares and love themselves, will take care of their body and everything, not just their outlook image but the inside as well.


Kiehl's Lip Balm
Kiehl’s Lip Balm
Kiehl's Lip Balm Ingredients
Kiehl’s Lip Balm Ingredients

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to feel that pain when your lips are dry right? So help yourself, go get a good lip balm!


Lia Schmolphin & Wan Whirling


Author: schmolphin

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