Sabah: Visit to Tg. Aru Railway

Day 7, Mon, 3 November 2014:

So how was my edited lyrics in Bruno Mars song I covered for? 🙈 I know it sounded croaky 😅 but I hope you enjoyed the video and the music though. If you hadn’t read it yet, visit my ‘Lazy Day’ for Day 6 video.

Today, is just another chilling day before the adventure begun tomorrow onwards.

I went out at around 6.30am with my bunk mate, a China lady from Guangzhou for a morning beach walk and it was lovely. It has started to rain since last night so the weather is cool with chilly wind and a great view of the open sea.

Then after breakfast I followed Rudi and Awang to the local government hospital for Awang’s visit to the dentist due to his bad toothache and then they will send me to the Tg. Aru railway to check for the train schedule to my next destination.

The local hospital is clean and the building though looks a little old, does not look run down. I was surprised to learn that locals only had to pay below RM5 for extracting a tooth and to get their medicine. The waiting time is bearable compared to the local polyclinics in Singapore which may take you almost half a day and sometimes may caused you to come back later after lunch.

Once we’re done, since it was on the way, they stopped me at Tg. Aru railway and both me and Rudi went to check the counter and look around the railway for the first time. Sadly, the ticket counter will be open at 5pm. So I won’t be able to catch my earliest train that day and I’ve decided to go back to the hostel with them.

Kindly note that the ticketing operating hours are as per picture below.

Then after lunch, I went out with Liza to KK in the afternoon for a little shopping. Well, to be precise, to get my last minute items.

We took a bus from the mini bus stop located in about 700-800m along the small road of Jalan Murni. It will take you a total of 10 mins of walking time on average. Depending on your speed, you may take less than 10 mins or 15 mins the most.

The minibus is a public bus for the local as a means of transportation to KK Town. The journey takes about 10 – 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

I love the sight of the locals boarding, alighting and communicating. Being someone who grew in a developed city of Singapore, this is such a big difference for me. Although the bus is small and cramped up especially when it is full, it somehow felt cozy and safe.

I followed Liza to her favourite street shops which she introduced to me where she gets her personal items and I manage to get mine too.

These are the items I bought;

  • 1 gluthathione soap : RM6.50
  • 1 Tiger balm brown and white: RM
  • 1 colgate: RM2.50
  • That’s a total of RM 24.

Once we’re done, she asked what I was looking for. I asked if there are any secondhand or bundle shops around where I can get a winter jacket, etc. With that, she brought me over to an area where there are blue tentage set up and clothes can be found. Mostly secondhand used items at a truly affordable prices. We spent about 45 mins going through items. Me, looking for a waterproof bag and waterproof jacket for my upcoming climb.

And I got all the things that I want, thanks to Liza for helping out so much. Her unwavering patience and support makes everything go smoothly.

I bought a black coat that costs me RM25 after a discount from RM38 and a black lightweight bag that cost me RM25. So I paid a total of RM50.

Now, now. What do you do once you’re done shopping? That’s right! Time to makan bah! *makan means eat in malay and bah is a Sabah slang they use after some sentence. For Singaporeans like me, we’ll use ‘lah’.

Liza guide me to the food night market which is located right next to the Philippines market. The food place is filled with awesome and fresh seafood around. From fish to crabs to prawns to cockles, clams, you name it! Not forgetting the chicken satay, otah-otah, malay kuih, fried banana fritters, peanut pancakes, local delicacies and many more. It’s crazy! I love it! The prices? They are all priced affordably for the locals and tourist.

We decided to take away our meals and eat it back at the hostel for dinner with the rest. Liza bought Char Kway Kaya while I bought 10 pcs of BBQ chicken wings at RM15 for us to share and we bought Mee Bakso for Awang, the driver who is having a bad toothache, who had given us the message before we left.

We took the minibus back to the hostel and while walking to the hostel, we saw Essaendree who is on his way to Tanjung Aru Plaza to run some errand at the 24 hr supermart.

Back at the hostel, we get ready for our meals and as per a daily routine here for the staff, they take turns to prepare meals for the team. Liza and me helped to prepare the dinner together with the items bought from the night market.

Sabah BBQ Chicken Wings
Sabah BBQ Chicken Wings

Thereafter, we just chill by the reception outdoor area and chat with other guest. Tonight’s shift is taken care by Jessica who is always smiling. We had a little chat before I was ready to turn in early today in preparations for my next adventure tomorrow!

What am I up to? Well, the next post is coming up soon! Do click subscribe if you hadn’t to follow through my journey.

Till then!


Lia Schmolphin

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