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Funny Travel Moments: Got chewed by a goat at Penang and a goatie hero saved me

Have you ever had any funny incident that happens during your travel? I certainly had my fun in almost every trip! Here’s one where I can still smile watching it.

In April 2015, I brought my cousin on a 1 week short getaway to Penang and on our 3rd day, as we went exploring somewhere in the lush greens of Penang, I got chewed. Well, not me exactly. =) Watch the video to find out more and subscribe to my blog for the places we went to in Penang.

If the video above takes time to load, you may want to view the youtube version below;


Did you see how the hero saved me? Such a sweetie right? The goatherd yelled at me to just pull my dress but I can’t bear to do so as I’m afraid I might hurt them. Luckily, a hero, the goat next to it saved me by pushing the chewing goat away from me. Thank you so much dear! Yeah, both Yaya and Tanja were happily laughing at me and they didn’t even budge their ass to help. Just standing there and watching me while they laugh hard. Thanks ladies. -_- =p

So, what are your funny travel moments? Share and tag me in your post!

Hope you enjoyed the video!



Lia Schmolphin

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