Sabah: Island Hopping Boat Ride in Semporna

I’m not sure if most of you knew that I went to Sabah last year, in 2014 for a 1 month solo trip. N yes, I haven’t update anything new on it yet because it is simply too fun and it was such an amazing and enjoyable experience I had that I’m not sure where to continue after the last Orang Utan post I shared. You can read the Orang Utan post here. Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Nature Reserve Orang Utan Rehabilitation.

But here’s a sneek preview on my Island Hopping during my trip to Semporna Island. I was blessed with super clear blue skies, shiny clear crystal water in the ocean that allows me to see many many MANY starfish and fishes! It’s was awesome but let’s save that for later shall we? Here’s a boat ride experience while on our way to the last Island for the day!

We were all silence because we were all smiling while enjoying the cool breeze and views around. I swear that when we started earlier on, everyone goes Oooh Aaahs.. The boat was filled with a kind of joy that none of us can explain! Enjoy!


Lia Schmolphin

4 comments on “Sabah: Island Hopping Boat Ride in Semporna

  1. Sounds like a mini paradise to me.

  2. thanks for sharing. how much is the total cost for your island hopping? may i get the contact details for the boat?

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