Simple Life of Kampung Kids in the River 9

Simple Life of Kampung Kids

Kampung means Village in English. Have you ever been to one before? Kampung can be found in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand and in Singapore, there is only one or two areas which is still in a kampung condition. The rest of the areas in Singapore have been upgraded and modernised with […]

Wan Lia Schmolphin Yamaha R1 2009

Owning a motorbike in Singapore

Traveling is not limited to just overseas or having the need to always fly out but also exploring in your own country, from where you are.

Laevistrombus Turturella aka Gong-gong aka Conch

Savouring Laevistrombus Turturella aka Gong-gong aka Conch

Have you ever eaten Gong-gong which is also known as Conch or Laevistrombus Turturella? Never heard of it? I am sure most Asians from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asians country will know this well. It is actually a species of a sea snail. Well, don’t raise that brow yet.. What about escargot? Hah… […]

The Ramen Stall Interior

‘The Ramen Stall’ is your saviour if you are in Singapore and craving for halal Ramen or halal sushi in the middle of the night

Touched down Singapore late at night and craving for Ramen? No problem. Or it’s your last day in Singapore and you just want to chill out somewhere you can eat while enjoying the view of the old heritage buildings along North Bridge Road where you can do people watching or vehicle watching? No problem. Are […]

Live on the Positive Side of Everything!

Ola! I hope all of you are doing well from wherever you are right now. I’ll be back soon to share more of my travel adventures once I’m feeling better and now that our new home has got internet since last week actually, it would be much easier for me to update regularly. It has […]

Kiehl's Lip Balm

Fall and Winter Essentials: Lip Balm

Do you know that cold weather will cause your lips to be chapped and dry? Yes, it does. This is due to the thin skin on your lips which makes it sensitive than any part of your body. Have you ever experience in having difficulties when opening your mouth and realised that your lips stick […]

Istanbul Street Entertainment - Shamans Laughter at Taksim Square

Istanbul Street Entertainment – Shamans Laughter at Taksim Square

Have you ever heard of ‘Shamans Laughter’? ‘Shaman’ is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of Northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. Think of the ‘medicine […]

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Overall List

Men 2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas

Everyone has their own preference and ideas when traveling. So that’s why my title won’t be ‘How to pack’ or ‘What you should wear’ but there will be some tips that we will share with you below which you may find useful as you pack for your winter travel. We’ll keep it short, sweet and […]

Istanbul Old Lady Street Seller Sewing Her Handmade Pouch

Istanbul Old Lady Street Seller Gorgeous Handmade Pouch

Explore Turkey Day 12: 5th January 2018 As we explore the streets of Istanbul, along the way to Topkapi Palace, one can find this old lady sewing handmade pouches. On our first day there, we were on the opposite side and as we saw a group of crowds, we were not able to see her. […]

Seaview Faralya Butik Otel in Uzunyurt, Faralya, Turkey, Bed View

Seaview Faralya Butik Otel in Uzunyurt, Fethiye, Turkey

Salam and ola everyone! I’m back from 2 weeks of honeymoon and would love to review on one of our accommodations we’ve stayed at on the 28th to 29th December 2017. Here’s presenting you;

Magnificent Sunrise from Copthorne Hotel Balcony View

Magnificent Sunrise View from Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for – to share with you on the location we’ve stayed for our 3d2n trip in Cameron Highlands. Since there are 3 families traveling together, we booked 3 separate rooms. Initially, we wanted to book for the 3 bedroom apartment but it was full due to the peak […]

Funny Travel Moments: Got chewed by a goat at Penang and a goatie hero saved me

Have you ever had any funny incident that happens during your travel? I certainly had my fun in almost every trip! Here’s one where I can still smile watching it.

Sabah Day 10, Mount Kinabalu Climb on 6-7 November 2014

I miss climbing mountains – Sabah Day 10, Mount Kinabalu Climb on 6-7 November 2014

I am missing climbing and hiking so much that it’s all I could think of lately. Whenever I start opening my laptop, I’ll view the videos of me climbing and hiking while smiling with a tear in my eyes. That longing to book a trip now is so strong but I had to put those […]

Mesmerized by Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre

Loving the Greens @ Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre

While escaping the humid weather in Singapore or other parts of Malaysia to the highlands for a cooling temperature such as Genting or Cameron, no visit to Cameron Highlands is complete without going to any Tea Plantations for either its scenery, fresh cuppa tea and cakes. Or to find your inspirations maybe? It’s my first […]

Cameron Lavender Garden - Beautiful View

Chill at Cameron Lavender Garden

There are a lot of farms in Cameron Highlands. From bee to butterfly to lavender to strawberry and vegetable farms, watercress valley, rose and tea centre. Now let me bring you to another location we went to on our 2nd day in Cameron Highlands. There is certainly a faint smell of lavender the moment we […]

Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm Fresh strawberry with homemade chocolate dip

Berry Merry @ Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm

What’s Cameron Highlands without visiting one of their strawberry farms where you can pick fresh strawberries and have it topped with a chocolate and cream or made it into fresh jams or even strawberry shake or float? My dear cousin had carefully selected Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm for our experience. This isn’t my first time […]

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm - Butterfly in Black Red Top view

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm

Last year, before the fasting month began and while Singapore and Malaysia are still on school holidays, we had a family trip to Cameron Highlands for a 3d2n stay. On the 2nd day, we went to Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm at 43rd Miles, Kea Farm, 39100, Pahang, Malaysia which is open from 9am-6pm. Ticket prices […]

Sunrise view at Woodlands Waterfront with clear Sun

Sunrise View at Woodlands Waterfront

Are you in Singapore? And do you love watching sunrise? Or are you a photographer trying to capture the best sunrise photos? You can drop by to Woodlands Waterfront to try and get your best shot.

18.10.15: Gunung Lambak 1 day trip hike

Gunung Lambak 1 Day Trip Hike with Singapore Trekking Group

18.10.15: Gunung Lambak 1 day trip hike
Cost: Sg 35 transport from Sg to Kluang to Sg
1400m distance, 510m elevation
Challenging level for beginners: 4/5
Challenging level for average hikers: 3.5/5
Challenging level for active hikers: 3/5

Time taken to reach summit: 1hr
Time taken to reach big tree: 45mins
Time taken to get back to summit: 1hr
Time taken to get back to base: 30mins

“Never underestimate even the shortest mountain.”

Resorts World Festive Hotel Pool

Resorts World Festive Hotel

2d1n stay over at Resorts World Festive Hotel for Birthday Celebration.

Explore Sabah Day 19: Bohey Dulang, Semporna - Me viewing in awe

Explore Sabah Day 19: Bohey Dulang, Semporna

The picturesque sea view shows a bird eye view of 3 Islands, Bodgaya Island (the biggest Island in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park), Bohey Dulang and Tetagan Island. From where I was standing, to my right, I could see the opening to Celebes Sea.

The short hike and surprising encounter I had earlier on was worth it. You can see the different wonderful blue shades of the ocean and be mesmerized by it. A great thing to do here was definitely stretching your arms wide open, with your head hung back and breathe in deep to the fresh air of the Sea, and of course, with the most satisfying feeling ever.

Explore Sabah, Mantabuan Island, Semporna 2014

Explore Sabah Day 19: Mantabuan Island, Semporna

“Wowwwwwwww…..!!” That was the first word that came out from all of our mouth as we stood by the boat. The Italian lady who was already off the boat, smiled and shook her head as she exclaimed, “This is Paradise!” Indeed it was.

Perhentian Tropicana Inn

Perhentian Tropicana Inn We checked in to Perhentian Tropicana Inn which is located about halfway between Long Beach and Coral Bay. You would need to walk up a little hill to reach it. Checking-in was efficient. There’s not much waiting time needed. The rooms are hut-like with fan that works great, window net to prevent […]

Krabi The Tiger Cave Temple - Viewpoint - Front Right

Krabi The Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea) Viewpoint

After negotiating with the staff for a discounted price for our group of 9 adults and 1 child, we took up the package which includes the Emerald Pool (Crystal Lake), The Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea), Elephant Ride and Hot Spring Waterfall. Here is the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea), what you can see on […]

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park Chinese New Year Promo 2016

  Prior to Chinese New Year 2016 which falls on Monday & Tuesday, 8-9 February 2016, it’s a long weekend for us in Malaysia and Singapore. Back then when I was single, I would have planned a getaway with my friends, cousins or family. But this year, it’s different. I have decided to clear all […]

Pulau Perhentian Kecil Kincir Angin Viewpoint, Pulau Perhentian Kecil Windmill Viewpoint

Pulau Perhentian Kincir Angin / The Windmill

Pulau Perhentian Kincir Angin / The Windmill After an hour rest, we get ready for a little hike up to Kincir Angin also known as ‘The Windmill’ located on a hill at the Perhentian Kecil. What can you do there? View the photos below; Yeap, after a short 15 – 30 minutes of hiking, we were […]

Pulau Perhentian with GoPro JB

Pulau Perhentian Kecil with GoProJB

11-13 September 2015 38 adults + 5 adorable kids 42 Malaysians, 1 Singaporean Rm550 for 3d2n package includes; 2-way bus to Terengganu from Johor Bahru and back, Accommodation and meals include self BBQ at Perhentian Tropicana Inn *The food is edible but not fantastic.* Trip up to Pulau Perhentian Kincir Angin / Pulau Perhentian Windmill, Snorkelling around 5 places. […]


3d2n Cruise to Redang with Superstar Virgo

  2 years ago, a month before my birthday, I got a surprise email from a dear friend whom I’ve been working with since 2010. I was told that he has got tickets for 2 to a 3d2n cruise to Redang in April 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both him and his partner aren’t able […]

Sunset at Pantai Perpat, Johor

Bask in the Mud watching Sunset at Pantai Perpat, Johor

Have you ever wondered if there’s any place you could enjoy basking in the mud right from the beach in Malaysia? Now, you’ll know you can! It’s about 15 mins drive from my cousins village in Rengit, Johor and you’ll get to bask and enjoy the mud at Pantai Perpat, Johor, Malaysia. During my 2 […]

Pulau Ubin Mangrove Swamp

A day of Cycling at Pulau Ubin

Back in October 2014, prior to my upcoming 2nd mountain climb to Mount Kinabalu on 28 October 2014, I’ve decided to bring my little sister for a day of cycling trip to the closest Island from Singapore – Pulau Ubin. An Island which is known to be like the ‘Olden Days of Singapore’ due to […]

Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Nature Reserve - Orang Utan Holding on to a tree

Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Nature Reserve – Orang Utans

    Day 2, Wed, 29 October 2014: Since I could get a lift to Tuaran, I’ve decided to visit the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Nature Reserve to watch the Orang Utans. It’s located in KK. So for those who do not have the time to go to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan, […]

Great waves hitting the shore during sunrise

Road Trip to Desaru Damai Beach Resort

1st – 2nd March 2014 There’s endless ways to celebrate ones birthday. From a mini gathering or party right at home or chalet, to grand celebrations held in hotels or even a short getaway to either somewhere nearby or far away. This year in March, we celebrated our Malaysian friend 22nd birthday at a chalet […]

Mangrove Tour at Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi

Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah, an Eagle Island: River Safari Mangrove Tour A Must Do in Langkawi

Langkawi was a truly great short vacation I had. If you had read the main post here, you will be able to see all the places I have been in Langkawi which will be link to its post and photos soon. If you’d ask me what was the best part in Langkawi that is worth […]

Sunset in Langkawi, view from the front of Perdana Beach Resort

Langkawi, The Jewel of Kedah, an Eagle Island

Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah is an archipelago made up of 99 islands (an extra 5 temporary islands are revealed at low tide) in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. Situated at the West coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is part of Kedah’s state. It has been one of […]

Genting Highlands view from First World Hotel Lvl 4 PAnoramic View 2

Short Getaway in the Sky High to Genting Highlands

4-6 November 2012 Skip to Day 2. Marrybrown Genting Outdoor Theme Park Genting Skyway Cable Car Strawberry Farm Hotpot Genting Indoor Theme Park Skip to Day 3. Last Day View from First World Hotel Genting Highland Bus Terminal First World Hotel Lobby Cafe Photo Taking near Theme Park & First World Hotel Photo Taking near […]